Professional Selling SkillMap™ Courses

How do you help a salesperson improve his or her selling ability if you’re not sure which specific skills needs to be learned or enhanced?
How do you target your sales force training for maximum impact when every salesperson has individual strengths and development needs?
And finally, with a tight budget, how do you make sure every dollar you invest in sales training gives you a dependable and proven ROI?

These are the tough questions many sales executives and sales training leaders are asking, and for many of them the Professional Selling SkillMap™ is the answer. You can read some of their case studies to get the details and learn how this unique assessment and development guide helps salespeople, sales managers and trainers pinpoint the specific selling skills, habits and attitudes they should focus on for improved performance. It includes a thoroughly researched and validated assessment of selling skills in 20 categories, providing a feedback report with graphic representation of each individual’s unique selling strengths and growth opportunities.

By objectively identifying strengths and development opportunities at both the individual and organizational level, you can focus your selling skills training efforts on those areas most likely to enhance productivity. Click here to view the Skill Categories and Sample E-Learning Modules.

    Provides complete training in each of the 20 skill categories. Individuals can complete the entire program, but most instead focus only on the skill categories that were identified as development opportunities by the assessment
    An audio CD is available for each of the 20 selling skill categories. Every audio reinforcement program is designed to reinforce the new skills, habits and attitudes that are emphasized in both the E-Learning and Facilitated workshops.


*Professional Selling SkillMap™: $59.50 *Prerequisite to other courses below
PSS E-Learning Courses – Complete library (20 modules) – 1 year license: $435.00
PSS E-Learning Courses – Individual Modules – 1 year license: $45.00 ea
PSS Audio Reinforcement – Complete Set (20 modules) – 1 year license: $345.00
PSS Audio Reinforcement – Individual Titles – 1 year license: $26.25 ea
PSS Facilitation and Coaching Guide: $2100
PSS Total Learning System (Assessment + Full E-Learning and Audio Library): $735

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