Take Control of your Finances

– Learn how to control and payoff your debt and regain your financial sanity while establishing financial stability.

This course is intended to give you the information and tools you need to understand and take control of your debt. We start by discussing the importance of financial stress, it’s impact on you and what you can do to reduce it. We then learn importance of understanding the difference between needs versus wants.

Debt consolidation services and Consumer Credit Counseling Services are explained and why you may want to avoid them. Do you know what information is contained on your debit or credit card. We explain that to you so you understand the importance of keeping you card safe. Signature, secured, and home equity loans are explained detailing the differences. Then we get to the heart of the program: Income, Expenses, and Budgeting. You will learn how to use the Income, Expense, and Budget worksheet that is included with the class and “Meat and Potatoes”. “Meat and Potatoes” is the key to paying off your debt in the fastest time possible. Not everyone will be able to pay down or off their debt so we discuss bankruptcy as well. And finally, we discuss what are some immediate steps you can take to help you right now.

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Price: US $19 | S4B Members: US $17.27