Workplace Productivity SkillMap™ Courses

If your organization was operating at less than its true capacity for optimal performance, how would you know?
If your business has become too dependent on some employees while others aren’t carrying their share of the load, how do you uncover that?
Do you focus your training on the most important productivity skills, targeting both individual and group needs?
Is it possible to reduce training costs, yet improving training effectiveness?

The Workplace Productivity SkillMap™ assessment and development guide helps any employee pinpoint the specific skills, habits and attitudes they should focus on for improved performance. It includes an assessment of productivity skills in 8 module categories providing a graphical representation of each individual’s unique strengths and growth opportunities.

Module Categories include: Individual Accountability, Energy and Stamina, Stress Management, Productive Email Practices, Team Dynamics, Meeting & Project Execution, Time and Task Management and Authentic Communication. For each of the 8 skill categories, E-learning courses as well as Audio CD’s are available.

  1. WorkplaceproductivityIndividual Assessment and Self-Paced Learning
    Individuals can complete the online assessment in less than 20 minutes, then be linked directly to training and development resources based upon their assessment results. A downloadable Development Guidebook helps to focus and structure their learning.
  2. Organizational Assessment and Targeted Training
    When a group of employees completes the online assessment, a “Manager Dashboard” is available with robust reporting capability to run aggregate group reports by geography, division, business unit, work group, etc. These aggregate reports provide objective analysis of a group’s productivity strengths and development needs. Based on the group results a broad range of training tools are available for targeted skill development.
  3. Facilitation and Coaching Guide
    Provides a detailed guide for with a fully scripted workshop for each of the 8 skill categories. Handouts, overhead masters and PowerPoint presentations are also included for each workshop.
  4. E-learning Modules
    Provides complete training in each of the 8 skill categories. Individuals can complete the entire program, but most instead focus only on the skill categories that were identified as development opportunities by the assessment.
  5. Audio CDs 
    Audio reinforcement is available for each of the 8 skill categories via audio CD or podcast. Every audio reinforcement program is designed to reinforce the new skills, habits and attitudes that are emphasized in the Facilitated workshops.

*Workplace Productivity SkillMap™: $39.50 *Prerequisite to other courses below
WPS E-Learning Courses – Complete library (8 modules) – 1 year license: $225.00
WPS E-Learning Courses – Individual Modules – 1 year license: $45.00 ea
WPS Audio Reinforcement – Complete Set (12 programs) – 1 year license: $150.00
WPS Audio Reinforcement – Individual Titles – 1 year license: $26.25 ea
WPS Facilitation and Coaching Guide: $1000.00
WPS Total Learning System (Assessment + Full E-Learning and Audio Library): $375.00

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