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S4B Mentors can help you to "Fly" again just by gaining the answers that are holding you back in your business. Below are just SOME of the areas that we can help with:

  • Marketing, Branding & Social Media

    Need help getting the word out there about your business and / or product? DON’T WORRY – We have Mentors for that!

  • Sales

    Need help creating more sales? DON’T WORRY – We have Mentors for that!

  • Conflict Resolution, Negotiation & Customer Service

    Need help with internal or Customer relations? DON’T WORRY – We have Mentors for that!

  • Leadership and Management

    Need help to be as effective as you can, or maybe you have roadblocks preventing you from being as successful as you would like to be? DON’T WORRY – We have Mentors for that!

  • Startups

    Need help with your startup strategy? DON’T WORRY – We have Mentors for that!

  • Team Building

    Need help building a really successful team? DON’T WORRY – We have Mentors for that!

  • Government Regulations & Grants

    Need help sifting through Provincial or Canadian regulations or grants? DON’T WORRY – We have Mentors for that!

  • Growth Strategy

    Need a strategy moving forward as y ou grow? DON’T WORRY – We have Mentors for that!