ALANA PETERS, Now’s the Time Executive Coaching 

The first coaching conversation I had ever observed was so memorable.  It was clear that new thoughts were firing for the coachee.  The creation of and buy-in to the action plan was remarkable. Where the coachee was once stuck, there was new determination, focus and direction.  It not only changed their life, it changed my life.

I have been in multiple leadership roles in schools and NFP organizations for over twenty five years.  I’m privileged to have held leadership positions in north, central and southern Alberta communities.  I am a former teacher and Royal Roads University Graduate with my Master’s in Executive Coaching.  I have a thriving new business called Now’s The Time Executive Coaching.  I’m fortunate to speak, facilitate workshops and coach all over Alberta.

In your business you have areas where you are successful and areas where you feel held back.  This will limit your ability to grow.  Coaching accelerates the growth process.  Increase your effectiveness today.

There’s a reason that the most successful businesses embed coaching and coaching skills to empower management and employees.  It works!

How does coaching feel?  Here are some descriptions from my clients:

  • Enlightening
  • Challenging
  • Momentum with hope
  • Exciting
  • Impending change
  • Informative
  • Finding my bravest self
  • Focused empowering

Step into your power today!  Now’s the Time!

Credentials: Bachelor of Education, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Daring Way Facilator, Certified Effecteness Coach (pending)

Years helping other entrepreneurs within categories listed: 2