I have 20 plus years sales experience, selling to businesses and becoming a resource to them. I also have spent 16 of those years in a management role motivating people as either a branch manager (9 years) or as a sales manager (7 years). I have made great strides and I continue to learn new skills in team building, coaching and helping others reach their potential. I hold closely to the philosophy coined by Zig Ziglar, that if we help others get what they need out of life we will get what we need as well. I try my best to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and I believe He is the son of God. I believe in holding my business practices to the same scrutiny and excellence that is expected of me in my spiritual life. I see my vocation as more than a job or career but an extension of my over all calling. I am open to necessary change and welcome it when it brings needed improvements and efficiency. I am not afraid of making mistakes as I understand they are part of learning, however, I try hard to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Specialties: I coach companies in better business practices, listening to their needs and goals and customizing a plan to help clients achieve their goals by sticking to agreed disciplines. I then help them carry on with their ongoing plans to bring current successes as well as providing support of new goals and future successes as well.

Accreditations: 25 years successful sales experience, 15 years management experience as Genera Manager, Manager and as President of my own Life Coaching Practice, and as President of Non Profit Taekwondo Club Certified Life Coach