Mentoring Packages

As an Entrepreneur, it is exciting to be building a successful company.

Most successful companies dedicate a great deal of their success not only to hard work and determination, but to pivotal mentors that have helped them along the way – mentors that have helped them ‘become their own Hero’.

Be Your Own Hero with S4B Mentoring

Be Your Own Hero with S4B Mentoring

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” – John C. Crosby

The reality is, mentors provide enormous benefits to businesses at various stages of a companies’ development. Entrepreneurs may be looking for mentors for following reasons: needing help with a specific project, refining various skills, strategizing for the next phase, brainstorming and feedback on a specific idea or just to provide moral support.



Sometimes you just want to bounce an idea off of someone who has been there, done that! This is a perfect package for a quick brainstorming session to get you back on track.

Duration: 90 minutes via Phone Call, Skype or Zoom

Mentors: Single Mentor


Get ready for an intense 3  hour session as you dive deep with your mentor to brainstorm and strategize. Figure out what could be done better, differently, and come up with solutions to get you moving in the right direction.

Duration: up to 3 hours via Skype or Zoom

Mentors: Single Mentor

$229 /mth

Looking for a bit of help to get you going? 

This is the perfect package for someone who wants to ‘dip their toe’ in the world of mentoring. Brainstorm and make strategic changes  in a short amount of time, while gaining different perspectives.

Duration: 2 hours per month via Skype or Zoom for a 6 month period. (time may be split into two 1 hour sessions per month)

Mentors: 2 Mentors x 3 months each


You’d like some help and are committed to making positive changes and trying new ideas.

This package is designed for those who really want to commit in order to provide the biggest bang for their ‘mentoring buck’. Choose mentors who have similar interests for comparison, or select totally different areas for different issues. Either way – it’s a win-win!

Duration: 2 hours per month via Skype or Zoom for a 12 month period. (time may be split into two 1 hour sessions per month)

Mentors: 3 Mentors x 4 months each


You are fully committed to learning as much as you can, and  love the flexibility of being able to choose as many mentors as you feel are necessary. 

This is a perfect package for those who want to do it their way, selecting who they would like to speak to, on the fly. This package membership also comes with additional S4B perks:

Private Facebook Page where you can bounce ideas around and help others

Duration: 18 month min. commitment

Mentors: Unlimited, based on 2 hours per mentor per month