Mentoring Round-Table Evening

Gain Solid Advice for Your Business!


(+Wine Tasting! Option) 

NOVEMBER 8, 6:30-9:30PM


  • Feeling stagnant in your business?
  • Feeling like you are spinning your wheels?
  • Wondering what the next step should be?
  • Feeling isolated and overwhelmed?
  • Looking for clarity within the direction you want be going, your marketing, sales or general business strategy?

S4B Mentoring Round-Tables will get you OUT OF YOUR RUT and give you your super powers back! You’ll be amazed at all of the tools and information you will be able to utilize! 

“By learning from skilled coaches and mentors, we are able to make better decisions for our businesses.”

Spend quality time getting answers from S4B Mentors and enjoy theWINE TASTING social afterwards!

REGISTER NOW for the S4B Mentoring Round-Table. Have FUN and find out how to have MORE CLARITY, TIME, PROFIT and BETTER RESULTS for your business. “Be Your Own Hero”.

WEDNESDAY, NOV 8, 6:30-9:30pm

"The S4B Mentoring Roundtable Luncheon was a success in my books. The mentors were prepared and full of knowledge which they easily passed to me.."
Mark Ellingson
Markon Electric
"Watching other attendee's eyes get big when a concept hits them was my favourite part of the roundtable."
Sharolyn Sanchez
Councillor, Town of Penhold
"Something for everyone - I originally thought this was just for small business owners, but with the variety of mentors and topics, I think anyone in all lines of work can benefit."
Dianna Kelly
Servus Credit Union


6:30pm – 9:30pm | ABC Country Restaurant Meeting Room

Business Builder Round-Table: $65 

  • Roundtable discussions with up to 3 separate Mentors (see below)
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Continue the conversation after the event with our “Meet all of the mentors” social and win prizes!

Business Builder Round-Table + Wine Tasting: $89 

  • Roundtable discussions with up to 3 Mentors
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Continue the conversation after the event with our “Meet all of the mentors” social!
  • 4-5 select wines and cheeses for tasting
  • Win prizes! 

Come out and learn how Success 4 Business can help your business succeed!



  1. Look through and choose 2-3 mentors to sit with
    Time: Approx 45 minutes per mentor (may be others at your table)
  2. Draft your questions – Be prepared going in!
  3. Get to know the Mentors afterwards with (or without) a cocktail, network and socialize!

Discover YOUR ‘AHA Moment’! Leave inspired and empowered to make your business even better!

MENTORS: (in alphabetical order)

Brent Hamelin Life Coaching

Coaching companies in Better Business Practices
I have 20 plus years sales experience, selling to businesses and becoming a resource to them. I also have spent 16 of those years in a management role motivating people as either a branch manager (9 years) or as a sales manager (7 years). I have made great strides and I continue to help others to reach their potential. I hold closely to the philosophy coined by Zig Ziglar, that if we help others get what they need out of life we will get what we need as well.

Specialties: I coach companies in better business practices, listening to their needs and goals and customizing a plan to help clients achieve their goals by sticking to agreed disciplines. I then help them carry on with their ongoing plans to bring current successes as well as providing support of new goals and future successes as well.

Accreditations: 25 years successful sales experience, 15 years management experience as Genera Manager, Manager and as President of my own Life Coaching Practice, and as President of Non Profit Taekwondo Club Certified Life Coach

Tip: Ask Brent how to gain better success through goal setting and sales techniques 

Dwayne Holland, Core Brand

Build Your Brand, Grow Your Business
Are you struggling to standout and succeed in the marketplace? Have you lost vision of who you are, what you offer or how to clearly communicate to your customers?

Through education and a straightforward process Dwayne will help you clarify who you are, tell your story and build your business on your brand. You will gain the confidence to be your best and be positioned for success.

Dwayne is a brand builder and for over 21 years he has helped entrepreneurs like yourself to:

» Discover your Brand DNA
» Develop your Brand Story
» Create your Brand Identity
» Design your Brand-led growth plan
» Guide you with Brand Coaching

Tip: Ask Dwayne how to use your brand to increase awareness and sales and communicate better with customers and employees.

Jo(e) Social Media Inc.: Social MediaJoeandJo

Marketing is often the last thing in a pile of many, many things to do for a business owner. The most common reaction is to just throw money at whatever crosses your desk, engage in sporadic bursts, or do nothing at all. The best idea is to come up with a plan that uses all the tools available to you, in a way that will be manageable and cost-effective. We can help you with everything pertaining to Social Media including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tip: Ask the Jo(e)s how to leverage social media to grow your online presence. 

JohnMackenzie2John MacKenzie, The Business Action Hub

Maintaining and Generating Better Sales and Profit!
Generating new profitable sales has never been easy, but today’s complex business environment and increasingly competitive market presents unique challenges:

  • Owners find themselves under pressure to generate short-term revenue, even at the expense of healthy long-term business.
  • Buyers have become better informed about alternative products and services. And they’ve learned to play “hard ball” with salespeople who are willing to accept win/lose deals.
  • Everyone wants first-class custom solutions – but they also want bargain basement generic pricing.
  • Sustainable differentiation of products and services is more difficult than ever. So product life cycles are shorter and profit margins are slimmer.

If you are selling in a competitive environment with challenging customers, it’s time to talk with John!

Tip: Ask John how to close more sales and improve your sales funnel

Alana Peters, Now’s the Time Executive Coaching

Accelerate your Growth and Increase your Effectiveness!
In your business you have areas where you are successful and areas where you feel held back.  This will limit your ability to grow.  Coaching accelerates the growth process.  Increase your effectiveness today.

There’s a reason that the most successful businesses embed coaching and coaching skills to empower management and employees.  It works! Here’s how you will feel after sitting down with Alana:

Enlightened | Challenged | Hopeful | Excited | Informed | Brave | Empowered

Step into your power today!  Now’s the Time!

Tip: Dig into some of the things holding you back from success, and increase your determination, focus and direction to improve yourself and your business.




Connect with your customers even more, and create opportunities for new customers through this unique opportunity. Promotion and free passes included.

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