Mentors can be the life blood of a small business.

At Succes 4 Business, we celebrate mentors, and everything that they can offer to help guide us along in our journey.
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Category: Provincial Gov. & Reg., Bookkeeping, Municiple Gov. & Reg, Banking, Marketing, Accounting, Strategic Communications, Social Media, Sales, Human Resources, Growth Strategy

MICHELLE ANDRISHAK, Colorful Communications

Michelle has a positive fire within her that is so obvious when you meet her – and it’s absolutely contagious! She’s a true leader, with a sense of initiative and passion for helping others like I’ve never seen. Her energy and love for life is paired with innovative outside the box thinking and intelligence. Anyone who works with Michelle for even a day will see just how brightly she shines!

With a double major bachelor of business degree, in accounting and marketing management and over 20 years of hands on marketing, finance, accounting and entrepreneurial experience, Michelle Andrishak,  Certified Small Business Coach and Communications Consultant has experienced firsthand the changes of what it takes to reach, engage and make raving fans out of your customers and clients. Especially, as the digital age adds ever evolving tools to the small business toolkit. Now in her role as Small Business Advisor with the Rural Alberta Business Centre, Michelle has had the pleasure of assisting hundreds of small and medium enterprises develop and implement effective start up and business growth strategies to reach their target customer, increase sales, manage all facets of business based on the universal management principles and maximise their entrepreneurial potential.

A coach, a mentor and sometimes even a part-time “Mom” to her clients, Michelle is willing to do whatever it takes see every one of them succeed. She provides incredible service for everything from one-on-one business consultations & coaching to large group workshops and professional development opportunities. Her vibrant personality and “you can do this” attitude inspires her clients and co-workers to see beyond their perceived limitations.

Accreditations: Certified Business Coach with experience in marketing, accounting and financial analysis. From Start Up to Shut Down and everything in between I can help your business!

Awards: 2015 – Customer Service Excellence Award – Rocky Mountain House Chamber of Commerce
2015 – Woman of Excellence, Business & Professions – Red Deer & District Community Foundation

Years helping other entrepreneurs within categories listed: 5

Category: Marketing, Sales, Growth Strategy, Leadership and Communication Training, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Team Building

I have 20 plus years sales experience, selling to businesses and becoming a resource to them. I also have spent 16 of those years in a management role motivating people as either a branch manager (9 years) or as a sales manager (7 years). I have made great strides and I continue to learn new skills in team building, coaching and helping others reach their potential. I hold closely to the philosophy coined by Zig Ziglar, that if we help others get what they need out of life we will get what we need as well. I try my best to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and I believe He is the son of God. I believe in holding my business practices to the same scrutiny and excellence that is expected of me in my spiritual life. I see my vocation as more than a job or career but an extension of my over all calling. I am open to necessary change and welcome it when it brings needed improvements and efficiency. I am not afraid of making mistakes as I understand they are part of learning, however, I try hard to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Specialties: I coach companies in better business practices, listening to their needs and goals and customizing a plan to help clients achieve their goals by sticking to agreed disciplines. I then help them carry on with their ongoing plans to bring current successes as well as providing support of new goals and future successes as well.

Accreditations: 25 years successful sales experience, 15 years management experience as Genera Manager, Manager and as President of my own Life Coaching Practice, and as President of Non Profit Taekwondo Club Certified Life Coach

Category: Purpose & Story Development, Growth Strategy, Branding Communications & PR, Marketing


Do you lack confidence in your brand? So many entrepreneurs lack clear vision of who they really are, what exactly the offer and why they might even be in business. Are you struggling to clearly communicate your message to your audience?

My straightforward coaching process and my Core3™ Framework will help you clarify your brand and give you the confidence to be your best.

Let me know when you’re ready to win.

Accreditations: 21 years in the industry. Certified Coach with CCF.

Years helping other entrepreneurs within categories listed: 21

Category: Sales, Leadership, Growth Strategy, Management, Team Building, Marketing

MARK JOHNSON, Success Innovations

For over 25 years, Mark Johnson, has been in demand globally as an expert mentor, trainer and coach working with small business, corporations and government agencies. He has worked at all levels of industry from Project Management, to Training Program Facilitator, to Corporate Executive and Business Owner.

Mark’s focus is to guide his clients to expand their business, remove road blocks that are preventing results and build successful teams. To achieve this, Mark’s company Success Innovations Inc. has partnered with leading figures in the business coaching industry, Bob Proctor, and Blair Singer to provide proven techniques and programs to move you forward in your business and life.
Mark conducts transformational trainings and coaching in the arena of creating greater success for individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and your employees to learn how to:

» Get MORE time for themselves and their families
» Create MORE happiness with a business culture focused on success
» Sell MORE products and services
» Serve MORE clients

Mark grew up on a family dairy farm, raised registered Texas Longhorn cattle and is a past Director of the International Texas Longhorn Association. Mark now lives in Olds, AB with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Credentials: 30+ years as entrepreneur, buisness owner and partner, Certified Thinking Into Results Facilitator, Certified LifeSuccess Consultant, Certified Master Facilitator, Certified Trainer

Years helping other entrepreneurs within categories listed: 8

Category: Team Building, Business Plans, Marketing, Business Growth – International, Strategic Communications, Branding Communications & PR, Sales, Public Relations, Leadership, Human Resources, Management, Growth Strategy

JOHN MACKENZIE, The Business Action Center

John’s professional background includes over 33 years of experience working with a variety of businesses involved in Distribution, Transportation, Research, Retail, Education, Engineering, and Oil & Gas. He has over 15 years of professional consultative sales and sales management experience working for major computer manufacturers (Hewlett Packard and Control Data). In addition, he has owned and operated five small businesses.

John started his consulting business in 1994. He built a strong practice as a Project Manager and Systems Consultant, specializing in business process analysis and document management systems. He has facilitated strategic planning and change management sessions for companies of all sizes. John also spent time internationally as a Coach, Project Manager and Business Process Analysis for major international Oil and Gas companies.

Throughout his career John has excelled in a mentoring/coaching role. From 2003 to the present, John served as a certified business coach working with well over 100 companies.  He is presently the owner of both The Business Action Center, as well as The Business Training Hub.

John currently is a member of the Board of Directors of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce, and is Past-President of the Red Deer Executive Leads Association.

Credentials: John is a certified business coach. He has owned 5 businesses, and have coached businesses in Canada, the US and oversees.

Years helping other entrepreneurs within categories listed: 13

Category: Mediation, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Communication Training, Arbitration

Over 10 years ago, Alasdair G. MacKinnon B.A., founded MacKinnon Communications Group Inc which offers mediation and arbitration services and training programs in leadership, productive communication and conflict mitigation throughout Alberta and beyond.

Alasdair had a 20 year career with the RCMP and was trained in principled negotiations. Alasdair then worked for over 10 years in the arena of provincial environmental compliance in the agricultural sector in Central Alberta.

Alasdair is a Registered Family Mediator and a Chartered Mediator and has completed over 900 meditations and arbitrations. Alasdair gives you extensive skill, knowledge and experience to help you grow your business.

Credentials: 35 years of work experience in the field, skill building and formal education

Years helping other entrepreneurs within categories listed: 10

Category: Human Resources, Growth Strategy

ALANA PETERS, Now’s the Time Executive Coaching 

The first coaching conversation I had ever observed was so memorable.  It was clear that new thoughts were firing for the coachee.  The creation of and buy-in to the action plan was remarkable. Where the coachee was once stuck, there was new determination, focus and direction.  It not only changed their life, it changed my life.

I have been in multiple leadership roles in schools and NFP organizations for over twenty five years.  I’m privileged to have held leadership positions in north, central and southern Alberta communities.  I am a former teacher and Royal Roads University Graduate with my Master’s in Executive Coaching.  I have a thriving new business called Now’s The Time Executive Coaching.  I’m fortunate to speak, facilitate workshops and coach all over Alberta.

In your business you have areas where you are successful and areas where you feel held back.  This will limit your ability to grow.  Coaching accelerates the growth process.  Increase your effectiveness today.

There’s a reason that the most successful businesses embed coaching and coaching skills to empower management and employees.  It works!

How does coaching feel?  Here are some descriptions from my clients:

  • Enlightening
  • Challenging
  • Momentum with hope
  • Exciting
  • Impending change
  • Informative
  • Finding my bravest self
  • Focused empowering

Step into your power today!  Now’s the Time!

Credentials: Bachelor of Education, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Daring Way Facilator, Certified Effecteness Coach (pending)

Years helping other entrepreneurs within categories listed: 2

Category: Leadership, Growth Strategy, Branding/Marketing, Productivity & Performance, E-business, Strategic Communications, Social Media

NARISSA SINGH, WECAN Business Strategies

Narissa Singh is a fierce advocate for small business and entrepreneurship. Combine this passion with a dedication towards education and life-long learning and you have all the right ingredients for a dynamic and vibrant coach and entrepreneur. Over the years, Narissa has used her knowledge and experience to support small business owners to start up and grow their business. Narissa started her coaching practice after years of working with entrepreneurs and witnessing their everyday struggles. After all, being an entrepreneur and growing a successful small business is no easy feat. With the resolve and determination to support entrepreneurs in learning and understanding how to best grow their business and in making the decisions that would be sustainable over the long-term, Narissa has made it her mission to empower entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, and solutions they can readily utilize, gain value from and that is specific to their stage and size of business, their needs and requirements, and their budget.

Accreditations: BBA, Certified High Performance Coach, Certified John Maxwell Trainer

Years helping other entrepreneurs within categories listed: 16