Is your Mindset holding you back?

August 14th, 2017

by Mark Johnson, Success 4 Business Mentor

It is their fault!

Does This Sound Like You? Everyone but you are to blame for the fact that you don’t have the money; the business, the perfect career, and that red Porsche 911—you know, the one that turns everyone’s head. Leaving you asking, “How did they buy that?”.   Why do they get the big house?  How come they have all the money? Why do they own the company, I am smarter. Is this your mindset?

Do you blame your parents, the people you grew up with? Is it that school you went to or didn’t go to? Do you blame the fact that you weren’t born lucky, your parents never had the money. I know, you never studied Business, that is why your business sucks. Or maybe it is he/she won’t let me do it. The excuses go on and on.

I’m certain there are goals you have not reached in life.  Because of the excuses, you have been feeding yourself time and time again. You give yourself millions of reasons of why it can’t happen to you, but have you given yourself ONE reason why it can happen to you? And if you have, how much energy and thought did you give it, if any?

Do you want to know a secret? it is not them, it is YOU, your thinking, your mindset.

Your Mindset Sucks!

Does this sound like the conversations you have with friends and co-workers?  You wait eagerly for the person talking so you can tell your story about how badMindset is polluted by other people it is for you. Waiting to tell your “best seller” my life sucks more than yours, the tale of poor me. Go to most lunchrooms, coffee shops, parties, maybe even family gatherings and this is the type of story you hear. Everyone telling their shitty story of their life.

Conversations like this pollute our mind and create our mindset.  Have you ever been in a good mood until you talk to that co-worker or family member?  After you feel like the life has been sucked out of you, your day just got worse, but it was only a phone conversation. This is mindset pollution.  Letting the outer world influence how you think, respond, and feel, corrodes your mind.

Bad News

The news you watch and read impact your mindset.It is just not what people say to you it is the images you see have an even greater impact on your mindset.  The news you watch on TV is a constant stream of violence, death, destruction, and catastrophe. If you feed on this every day it is like feeding poison to your plants, they will die slowly.  If your mindset is constantly being poisoned by negative images, stories, and media you end up being negative.

Can you change this?  Is there a way to change years of bad programming?  Read on.

Good news

People ask me, ‘Mark, how do I re-program my mind?’  Why?  Did somebody like, ninjutsu your brain and hypnotize you into thinking something horrible? Did someone insert virus code into your hard drive? Well maybe.

Why do you need to reprogram anything? Are you happy or unhappy with the way things are in your life?  Would you like something more? Something better? That new red Porsche 911?

Most people don’t need to re-program their mind – they just need to program it for the first time. It’s like there was never actually any programming that happened anywhere. There were all these habits and circumstances that have formed these automatic thoughts and behaviors that come up automatically and they happen. It’s not like someone said, I want you to think this. I want you to think that. No one ever sat you down and talked you into it. (Maybe it happened on occasion, but for most of the time you were not talked into doing something.)

Your brain loves to be efficient. It doesn’t like to have to do a lot of thinking. The mind likes to say, “What do we already know? What experiences do I have? How can we apply it to this situation?”

If you had fears in the past and a similar situation happens your mind says remember that time and says, “Hey, run away again.  If you had challenges in the past, your mind wants to protect yourself, and it just says, “Warning! Warning! protect you right now – we’re worried about this.”

Often those are not helpful thoughts. They’re automatic but they aren’t actually helpful. It’s just your mind saying ‘this is the easiest, safest, or quickest route we know.

Thinking Into Results

Yes, there is good news! You get to make choices that will improve your mindset.

Maybe you can remove some of the negativity? Negative people in your life? Here is some sage advice I was given many years ago “Don’t visit as often and don’t stay as long.” It works.

We can give positive thinking, positive ideas, positive approaches more importance in our life.  Focus on them daily, and now the mind says that’s easy. That feels better and begins to automatically think about positive things.

So for me personally, I’ve done this so much in my life that I automatically think about the best possible outcomes in almost everything I do. So I know it can and will work for other people.

Your choice, choose to live with more in everything you do or stay the same. Your choice.