Kimberley Darbyson – Kimberlink Consulting

Monday, November 30th, 2015


Kim Darbyson is the owner of Kimberlink Consulting Training and Services. She holds a BSc. in Psychology with over 19 years of experience in workshop development/facilitation. She earned her True Colors International training certification in 2010 and is passionate about helping people come to a better understanding of themselves and each other. She is also working on her professional mediator certification with the Appropriate Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta.

Speaker Topics Pertaining to: Sales | Human Resources | Team Building, Communication | Career Development

True Colors Success Seminars

Half Day Interactive Workshop (3 hours) Learners will use the True Colors Personality Identification model to make connections with co-workers, bosses and other people they interact with.

A personality assessment will be completed and time will be spent understanding the needs, strength, stresses and frustrations of themselves and others. This information will also help students to understand how they learn/work best. Emphasis will be placed on how to use this information for effective teamwork.

Full Day Options (Includes the above session with several options for the afternoon) (6 hours)

  • Colorful Work: Using your True Colors Spectrum for Career Planning and Workplace Communication
  • Communication/Conflict Reduction
  • Sales and Customer Service


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Jo(e) Ideas for Business

Monday, November 30th, 2015
Contact the experts to learn more about Social Media and what it means for your business.

Contact the experts to learn more about Social Media and what it means for your business.

Workshop Topic:

It’s Not All About You, But It’s All About You

It snuck up on us. This social media thing. From fad, to a necessary business tool, suddenly you need to know what it’s all about. You don’t get it, and in all honesty, you probably don’t really want anything to do with it. But you know, as a wise business person, that it’s not about you. Lets talk about the who, why, f-7-70-8437281_7uRzNkGW_Joe005how and where of social media & identify how you can make it a part of your marketing effort, without taking over your life.

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Danielle Klooster

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Book Danielle for to MC your next event, or to speak on Leadership and Networking

Danielle is a writer and communications specialist with significant experience in community, economic and business development. In addition to running her own business, Danikloo Consulting, she helps her husband with his two businesses. Danielle capitalizes on the power of networking in many forms, including a strong presence on social media. Danielle served two terms on Penhold Town Council and ran as a candidate for MLA in the 2012 provincial election and has engaged on social media as a candidate, as an elected official, and as a recovering politician. Originally from Edmonton, Danielle has lived in Central Alberta since 1994, and in addition to her work and social media addiction enjoys spending time with her husband, four grown children and five and one-half grandchildren.

Is your Networking?
Do you know you need to promote yourself and your business by networking? Do you have trouble talking about yourself? Do you beat yourself up after a cocktail reception (WHYYY did I say THAT???”)? Get hot tips and tricks for maximizing your networking effectiveness.

Additional Leadership Topics: 
Leading Through Change | The Unpopular Leader | Know-Like-Trust  | So You Want to be a Leader?

MC Services:
Available to MC your event or conference

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John MacKenzie, The Business Action Center

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Book John Mackenzie to speak and motivate your staff!

For over 35 years, John developed and honed his facilitation and coaching skills as a Consultant and Project Manager, working with several national and international companies in the sectors of Education, Research, Transportation & Distribution, Engineering and Oil & Gas. John excelled in a mentorship role throughout his career and in 2003 he became a Certified Business Coach through ActionCOACH. Over the past ten years, he has worked with over 100 local companies to enhance team communication, build healthy cultures, improve business processes, and increase profitability.

John currently serves on the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Junior Achievement Regional Board, and has served in an executive capacity on several local committees.

As a father of five, plus a grandfather to fifteen, John’s personal values and sense of humour helps to guide his blended family through daily life. John also puts his extensive business knowledge and common sense experiences to good use by writing a regular column in business section of the Red Deer Advocate.

Increase your Profits by 60% – Achieve your vision (and your dreams!) by adopting ‘The Five-Step Process’ into your business.

It’s one thing to try a new marketing strategy, but it’s another to change your approach altogether. It’s just like dieting. Sure, if you cut 20% of your calories for two weeks you’re going to see some results. But, the minute you go back to your old patterns, the results quickly disappear. We will work through all areas of your business and optimize each for success. Remember, a 10% increase in the 5 areas can lead to more than a 60% increase in your profits (not revenues!).

In this Presentation we will cover:

  • How the five-step process impacts all areas of business
  • How to work with the five-part formula
  • A review of the five steps
  • How to position yourself for success with the program

The five-step process is a way of doing business. It’s not a temporary strategy, and it won’t generate temporary results. The five-part formula is so effective because it touches on each and every area of your business. It will improve, increase, generate, sharpen and strengthen everything that you and your employees do. Once you complete a step, you’ll never go back to your old way of doing things. This is a program for positive change and powerful results. The change is long lasting and the results are far reaching.

How to Create Your Destination Workplace – Effectively Recruit, Develop and Retain Your Staff

Some of the biggest issues facing many business owners revolve around their staff. It’s not unusual to hear many business owners ask the questions;

  • How do I find the best staff for my business?
  • When I find them, how do I get the best from them?
  • When I do get the best from them, how do I make sure they don’t leave?
  • How do I get them to care about my business and clients?
  • Is it possible to have employees self-manage themselves?
  • The list can go on and on.

You will learn the answers to these questions along with actual solutions you can implement. This session is all about building and retaining the dream team you’ve always wanted. The team that will drive your business and ensure its success.

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Edward McBeth, Power Persuasion

Monday, November 30th, 2015
Book Ed to speak to your company about Power Persuasion to enhance your sales team.

Book Ed to speak to your company about Power Persuasion to enhance your sales team.

Edward has spoken to groups in Canada and the United States. He has spoken to organizations such as Insurance, Real Estate, Farm and Oil companies. He also been a featured speaker with several Entrepreneur organizations and associations.

A bit about Ed:
– 35 years of high performance Commercial Real Estate sales and management.
– Author. . . How To Seduce Life (an examination of how to make life; fun, easy and abundant)
– Speaker and developer of the the ‘Power Persuasion’ course.   This dynamic course teaches scientific methods of persuasion based on tested and proven methods.  

Seminar and Workshop Topic: 

Power Persuasion
“The objective of Power Persuasion is to make it easy for people to say yes and hard to say no to you”

 Why Power Persuasion?

It is an amazing power that will make you feel like you have an unfair advantage over others. With Power Persuasion you may not always get people to do what you want however you sure as heck can dramatically improve your odds.

Power Persuasion gets it’s name from how powerfully persuasive the results are. The techniques however are so gentle and at times subliminal that only a trained person will recognize you are using them. It is an essential skill for executives, sales personnel or anyone who aspires to succeed or have influence over others.

What is Power Persuasion?

Power Persuasion is a method of persuading others to your ideas, beliefs and requests based on rock solid cutting edge  research from the fields of:

  • Neuro-Linguistics Programming
  • Behaviour Economics
  • Positive Psychology

What benefits can I expect?

  • To be perceived as the trusted, respected and liked authority.
  • Increase your ability to influence others to: buy your products and  services or believe in your ideas and abilities.
  • Become a leader who inspires rather than a boss who gives orders.  Imagine your staff doing the job not because they have to but because they want to do it and do it well in order to please you….how cool is that?
  • Improve negotiations skills
  • Gain a significant advantage over your competitors (that’s worth the price of admission alone)
  • Power Persuasion is not just for business.   You will find you can use it and get great results in your personal life as well.
  • Recognize when others are using these techniques on you…because they are!

What if I told you the techniques are fun and incredibly easy to learn?  

Course outline:

1.  Building Rapport.

First impressions are almost always the last impression people will form of us.  The skills in this session will teach you how to create instant acceptance and even likeability.
Why is this important? Because all things being even people chose to do business with those they like. And all things not being equal they still chose to do business with those they like.

2.  Objections.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our logic was so impressive and persuasive that everyone could see the wisdom of what we propose? Yeah, well good luck with that!  Sometimes their objections are valid and sometimes they are just plain irrational. The skills in this session will teach you fun easy ways to identify and remove those objections.
Why is this important?  Because your success in life is in persuading others to see the validity of your ideas, beliefs and suggestions. And it’s a heck of lot of fun to be able to change another persons mind.

3.  Reciprocity.

This is my personal favourite. Find out how giving a gift can totally blow the doors open in your business. And the good part is it doesn’t have to cost hardly anything and sometimes nothing. This is a classical example of small investment leading to a huge return.
Why is this important? Well if you are ok with doing things the hard and difficult way then maybe this is not for you. However, if you are looking for a fun and easy way to business….this is definitely for you!

4.  Closing the Sale (or reaching a mutual agreement)

No one likes to sell and no one likes to be sold.  Selling is stressful to you and your client…so don’t. Trying to sell someone builds up resistance to you with every ‘no’ you hear. So I will teach you a technique that will allow you to reach agreement without asking for the sale.
Why is this important?  Because you don’t want stress and neither does your client. Reaching agreement that is best for both parties should be as natural as two friends planning a vacation. Ok, maybe I get a little carried away with my hype at times because it’s I’ve proven this to work.


I don’t do boring and neither should you. This course is designed to be fun and easy. However, it still needs to be practiced and learned by you! Your success with these skills will depend on your commitment to play with them until they become second nature to you.

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Cecila McKay

Monday, November 30th, 2015
Cecilia McKay

Book Cecila for all of your Training Requirements

Cecilia is a bilingual facilitator (English/Spanish) specializing in training solutions, focusing on people-oriented approaches, leadership potential and business vision. She is a Qualified and Certified under the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and “Change Management” by Pritchett. Cecilia has also worked as a certified consultant for Development Dimensions International, and has lectured on topics of business, positive leadership, personal development and business engagement. Through working with various training and consulting organizations, she has taught over 600 courses and has collaborated in the creation and design of various other courses, team building and conventions. As well, she has worked on projects related to Human Resources, Outplacement services, Change Management, Sales Training, Adaptable Leadership, Positive Leadership, Selection and Recruitment, Assessment Centre and the design & development of training materials.

What Makes Emotional Intelligence So Important at Work 
Emotional intelligence is a valuable resource that can renew and re-ignite organizational purpose and inspire people to perform better. As clients will attest, the emotionally intelligent organization is in tune with its needs. It is a workshop that will introduce diverse exercises and dynamics that will help people understand the importance of organizational climate renewal

Is there a Right Path in Leadership?
As leaders we sometimes wonder if we are performing and engaging our people to the best of their abilities…Come and find some answers while discussion some ideas about our leadership approach

True Colors
Objectives: Discover the qualities and characteristics of our personality • Appreciate the different personalities • Learn to identify the qualities and characteristics of each personality  • Recognize the characteristics and qualities of our “room” Color • Build a community (team) with diverse personalities

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Jim Taylor, Rolyat Corp. Ltd.

Monday, November 30th, 2015
Book Jim to speak to your company about Appreciative Inquiry and Conflict Resolution

Book Jim to speak to your company about Appreciative Inquiry and Conflict Resolution

Jim is a former school and college teacher. In addition to his education degree, Jim has certificates in Volunteer Management and Conflict Resolution. He has been doing consulting work and offering well-received, highly interactive management training workshops since 1990. Clients of his workshops have included Novacor, Grande Prairie Regional College, University of Alberta Faculty of Extension, Red Deer College, Alberta Assessors’ Association, Vitalize, United Church of Canada, several Adult Learning Councils in Alberta, and Red Deer Chamber of Commerce. Jim’s areas of focus are organizational development using Appreciative Inquiry and conflict resolution.

Seminar and Workshop Topics: 

Using Appreciative Inquiry to Unleash the Power of Your People

This highly engaging workshop introduces participants to the most powerful organizational development idea to come out of the management schools in decades. “Appreciative Inquiry” is a positive strength-based alternative to problem solving as a method of initiating and managing change in organizations. It offers organizations three sources of strategic advantage: by fully engaging the talent of your existing workforce and unleashing their potential, by greatly accellerating your ability to initiate positive changes, and by creating an organizational culture that attracts and keeps the best and brightest talent. This workshop is always very highly evaluated; participants leave it feeling energized and in a very positive frame of mind. (The full day workshop requires participants to register in pairs from the same organization.)

Understanding and Resolving Conflict

This highly experiential workshop will give you a better understanding of the different sources of conflict and how to deal with them. You will discover your own dominant conflict resolution style, and how it can both serve you and dis-serve you. You will learn specific skills to help you better deal with conflict: assertive vs agressive communication, using self-talk to control anger arousal during conflict, reframing issues to make them more amenable to resolution, and goal setting in conflict situations.

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