Cecila McKay

Cecilia McKay

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Cecilia is a bilingual facilitator (English/Spanish) specializing in training solutions, focusing on people-oriented approaches, leadership potential and business vision. She is a Qualified and Certified under the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and “Change Management” by Pritchett. Cecilia has also worked as a certified consultant for Development Dimensions International, and has lectured on topics of business, positive leadership, personal development and business engagement. Through working with various training and consulting organizations, she has taught over 600 courses and has collaborated in the creation and design of various other courses, team building and conventions. As well, she has worked on projects related to Human Resources, Outplacement services, Change Management, Sales Training, Adaptable Leadership, Positive Leadership, Selection and Recruitment, Assessment Centre and the design & development of training materials.

What Makes Emotional Intelligence So Important at Work 
Emotional intelligence is a valuable resource that can renew and re-ignite organizational purpose and inspire people to perform better. As clients will attest, the emotionally intelligent organization is in tune with its needs. It is a workshop that will introduce diverse exercises and dynamics that will help people understand the importance of organizational climate renewal

Is there a Right Path in Leadership?
As leaders we sometimes wonder if we are performing and engaging our people to the best of their abilities…Come and find some answers while discussion some ideas about our leadership approach

True Colors
Objectives: Discover the qualities and characteristics of our personality • Appreciate the different personalities • Learn to identify the qualities and characteristics of each personality  • Recognize the characteristics and qualities of our “room” Color • Build a community (team) with diverse personalities

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