Jim Taylor, Rolyat Corp. Ltd.

Book Jim to speak to your company about Appreciative Inquiry and Conflict Resolution

Book Jim to speak to your company about Appreciative Inquiry and Conflict Resolution

Jim is a former school and college teacher. In addition to his education degree, Jim has certificates in Volunteer Management and Conflict Resolution. He has been doing consulting work and offering well-received, highly interactive management training workshops since 1990. Clients of his workshops have included Novacor, Grande Prairie Regional College, University of Alberta Faculty of Extension, Red Deer College, Alberta Assessors’ Association, Vitalize, United Church of Canada, several Adult Learning Councils in Alberta, and Red Deer Chamber of Commerce. Jim’s areas of focus are organizational development using Appreciative Inquiry and conflict resolution.

Seminar and Workshop Topics: 

Using Appreciative Inquiry to Unleash the Power of Your People

This highly engaging workshop introduces participants to the most powerful organizational development idea to come out of the management schools in decades. “Appreciative Inquiry” is a positive strength-based alternative to problem solving as a method of initiating and managing change in organizations. It offers organizations three sources of strategic advantage: by fully engaging the talent of your existing workforce and unleashing their potential, by greatly accellerating your ability to initiate positive changes, and by creating an organizational culture that attracts and keeps the best and brightest talent. This workshop is always very highly evaluated; participants leave it feeling energized and in a very positive frame of mind. (The full day workshop requires participants to register in pairs from the same organization.)

Understanding and Resolving Conflict

This highly experiential workshop will give you a better understanding of the different sources of conflict and how to deal with them. You will discover your own dominant conflict resolution style, and how it can both serve you and dis-serve you. You will learn specific skills to help you better deal with conflict: assertive vs agressive communication, using self-talk to control anger arousal during conflict, reframing issues to make them more amenable to resolution, and goal setting in conflict situations.

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