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For over 35 years, John developed and honed his facilitation and coaching skills as a Consultant and Project Manager, working with several national and international companies in the sectors of Education, Research, Transportation & Distribution, Engineering and Oil & Gas. John excelled in a mentorship role throughout his career and in 2003 he became a Certified Business Coach through ActionCOACH. Over the past ten years, he has worked with over 100 local companies to enhance team communication, build healthy cultures, improve business processes, and increase profitability.

John currently serves on the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Junior Achievement Regional Board, and has served in an executive capacity on several local committees.

As a father of five, plus a grandfather to fifteen, John’s personal values and sense of humour helps to guide his blended family through daily life. John also puts his extensive business knowledge and common sense experiences to good use by writing a regular column in business section of the Red Deer Advocate.

Increase your Profits by 60% – Achieve your vision (and your dreams!) by adopting ‘The Five-Step Process’ into your business.

It’s one thing to try a new marketing strategy, but it’s another to change your approach altogether. It’s just like dieting. Sure, if you cut 20% of your calories for two weeks you’re going to see some results. But, the minute you go back to your old patterns, the results quickly disappear. We will work through all areas of your business and optimize each for success. Remember, a 10% increase in the 5 areas can lead to more than a 60% increase in your profits (not revenues!).

In this Presentation we will cover:

  • How the five-step process impacts all areas of business
  • How to work with the five-part formula
  • A review of the five steps
  • How to position yourself for success with the program

The five-step process is a way of doing business. It’s not a temporary strategy, and it won’t generate temporary results. The five-part formula is so effective because it touches on each and every area of your business. It will improve, increase, generate, sharpen and strengthen everything that you and your employees do. Once you complete a step, you’ll never go back to your old way of doing things. This is a program for positive change and powerful results. The change is long lasting and the results are far reaching.

How to Create Your Destination Workplace – Effectively Recruit, Develop and Retain Your Staff

Some of the biggest issues facing many business owners revolve around their staff. It’s not unusual to hear many business owners ask the questions;

  • How do I find the best staff for my business?
  • When I find them, how do I get the best from them?
  • When I do get the best from them, how do I make sure they don’t leave?
  • How do I get them to care about my business and clients?
  • Is it possible to have employees self-manage themselves?
  • The list can go on and on.

You will learn the answers to these questions along with actual solutions you can implement. This session is all about building and retaining the dream team you’ve always wanted. The team that will drive your business and ensure its success.

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