Kimberley Darbyson – Kimberlink Consulting


Kim Darbyson is the owner of Kimberlink Consulting Training and Services. She holds a BSc. in Psychology with over 19 years of experience in workshop development/facilitation. She earned her True Colors International training certification in 2010 and is passionate about helping people come to a better understanding of themselves and each other. She is also working on her professional mediator certification with the Appropriate Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta.

Speaker Topics Pertaining to: Sales | Human Resources | Team Building, Communication | Career Development

True Colors Success Seminars

Half Day Interactive Workshop (3 hours) Learners will use the True Colors Personality Identification model to make connections with co-workers, bosses and other people they interact with.

A personality assessment will be completed and time will be spent understanding the needs, strength, stresses and frustrations of themselves and others. This information will also help students to understand how they learn/work best. Emphasis will be placed on how to use this information for effective teamwork.

Full Day Options (Includes the above session with several options for the afternoon) (6 hours)

  • Colorful Work: Using your True Colors Spectrum for Career Planning and Workplace Communication
  • Communication/Conflict Reduction
  • Sales and Customer Service


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