15 Point Guide to Success by Committing to work ON your Business (and not always IN your Business)

May 11th, 2017

Whether you are new to business, or have been at it a while – we all know that sustaining a successful business is hard.

It’s easy to be going full out, head down and IN our work. What’s difficult, is coming up for air and seeing what needs to happen in order for the BIG picture to develop. By working ON your business, instead of IN your business all of the time, we set ourselves up for success – with fresh ideas, a fresh focus, better communications with staff and clients, and at the end of the day, more revenue coming in.

Here are 15 steps that you will want to consider when working ON your business:

  1. Learn how to delegate. Whenever you spend time doing things that other people could be doing, you are losing the opportunity to spend valuable time improving and growing the business.
  2. Update your social network accounts to ensure that your backgrounds and messaging match your marketing materials and website
  3. Update or add to your website content every 3 months to reflect your current needs / goals / products
  4. Make sure you are collecting emails for your contact list and add them regularly to your newsletter list – ask me how you can do this through your website
  5. Make at a least one customer service call per day
  6. Work on your social media accounts to schedule daily postings to connect and start building those relationships
  7. Set short and long term goals for your business and create a strategy
  8. Make new connections whenever and wherever you can
  9. Attend networking and business / industry events
  10. Learn from Experts and Mentors on areas that could use some help and adjustment gain clarity
  11. Find good help. It doesn’t matter if it is part-time, full time or contracting from a freelancer. Get help for the things that aren’t your strong suit, or tasks that would be better served by others
  12. Challenge yourself in knowing what tasks are wasting your time. Experts suggest looking at your emails only twice per day for example. Do you have Facebook notifications going off all of the time? Shut them off. Get rid of notifications.
  13. Learn how to hire the right people and ask the right questions to ensure a good fit with your brand and your team
  14. Look to your mission and vision statement for everything that you do. Have them up in the walls in every room in the building if you have to. Your staff should know these two off by heart and do the same.
  15. Develop a systems and procedures booklet to ensure be more efficient and effective and to avoid mistakes

If you would like to talk about how Success 4 Business can help YOU to work ON your business instead of IN your business all of the time, contact us at 403-348-0120 and let us discuss whether our Events, Connections, Membership or our Mentors can help you through any of it – we’ve got your back.