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Our Presentors are listed below in alphabetical order – Please check back regularly for Presenter Additions.

Kimberley Darbyson – Kimberlink Consulting

Kimberly's speaker topics pertain to Sales, Human Resources, Team Building, Communication, and Career Development Speaker Topic(s): True Colors Success Seminars

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Jo(e) Ideas for Business

We're in the "building business" business. We build connections. Working with owners, management & staff, we identify opportunities and create strategies to successfully carry a brand using traditional and new media. We're not just book smart, we're people smart too. And fun. And funny. Speaker Topics: Social Media Marketing | Brand Marketing

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Danielle Klooster

Danielle is a writer and communications specialist with significant experience in community, economic and business development. Speaker Topics: Sales | Municipal Government & Regulation | Growth Strategy | Human Resources | MC Services | Leadership

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John MacKenzie, The Business Action Center

Ever felt so tangled up in the “day-to-day” of your business that you can’t clearly see your destination? Wondering why you have to work 80 hours to achieve what others get in 40 or less? Frustrated about how difficult it is to recruit and retain highly skilled teams? No matter how far along you are, there’s always someone who’s been there before. In the search for new heights of business efficiency, profitability and expertise, John MacKenzie will be your guide. Speaker Topics: Increase Your profits by 60% | How to Create Your Destination Workplace

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Edward McBeth, Power Persuasion

Power Persuasion is an amazing power that will make you feel like you have an unfair advantage over others. With Power Persuasion you may not always get people to do what you want however you sure as heck can dramatically improve your odds. Speaker Topics: Persuasion Techniques

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Cecila McKay

Having training Issues? Cecilia focuses on a people-oriented approach to training solutions, leadership potential and business vision.  With over 600 courses taught, book Cecilia to cover training relating to Human Resources, Outplacement, Change Management, Sales Training, Adaptable & Positive Leadership, as well as Selection and Recruitment. Call now to have Cecilia take your employees to the next level. Speaker Topics: What Makes Emotional Intelligence So Important at Work | Is there a Right Path in Leadership? | True Colors

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Jim Taylor, Rolyat Corp. Ltd.

Jim has been doing consulting work and offering well-received, highly interactive management training workshops since 1990. Speaker Topics: Human Resources and Organizational Development using Appreciate Inquiry and Conflict Resolution.

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