Mentoring Round-Table Luncheon, February 17, 2016


Use S4B Mentoring Round-Table Luncheons to help you to gain the knowledge to take back to your business for added success and profitability.

S4B Mentoring Round-Table Luncheons will help you to gain the knowledge to take back to your business for added success and profitability.

By gleaning from skilled coaches and mentors, we are able to make better decisions for our businesses.

Mentors and Experts charge $250+ per hour to pass along their knowledge.
REGISTER for the S4B Mentoring Round-Table Luncheon, and ask key questions to MULTIPLE mentors in ONE sit down luncheon, saving time and hundreds of dollars.

Your choice of 3 different mentors will give you the tools and knowledge that will make your business better, and more profitable.

Here is how S4B Mentoring Round-Table Luncheons work:

  1. Look through available mentors below
  2. Choose your PRIMARY Mentor to sit and have lunch with  – Time: Approx 45 minutes – 1 hour (table seats up to 5 participants)
  3. Choose your SECONDARY Mentor table to rotate with after lunch – Time: Approx. 15 – 20 minutes (table seats up to 5 participants)
  4. Choose your Third Mentor table to rotate with after your second one – Time: Approx. 15 – 20 minutes (table seats up to 5 participants)
  5. Draft your questions – be prepared going in, saving valuable time and $$

Leave inspired, with more knowledge and tools to make your business even better!

COST: $79 includes 3 mentors and lunch
TIME: 11:30am – 1:30pm
LOCATION: Grille One Eleven, upstairs

MENTORS: (not in any particular order)
JohnMackenzie2John McKenzie:
Maintaining and Generating Sales and Profit

Generating new profitable sales has never been easy, but today’s complex business environment and increasingly competitive market presents unique challenges:

  • Owners find themselves under pressure to generate short-term revenue, even at the expense of healthy long-term business.
  • Buyers have become better informed about alternative products and services. And they’ve learned to play “hard ball” with salespeople who are willing to accept win/lose deals.
  • Everyone wants first-class custom solutions – but they also want bargain basement generic pricing.
  • Sustainable differentiation of products and services is more difficult than ever. So product life cycles are shorter and profit margins are slimmer.

If you are selling in a competitive environment with challenging customers, maybe it’s time to talk with me at this luncheon!

Jo(e) Ideas for Business: Social MediaJoeandJo

Marketing is often the last thing in a pile of many, many things to do for a business owner. The most common reaction is to just throw money at whatever crosses your desk, engage in sporadic bursts, or do nothing at all. The best idea is to come up with a plan that uses all the tools available to you, in a way that will be manageable and cost-effective. We can help you with everything pertaining to Social Media including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Deanna Deveau, D2 Academy: Website Content Developmentdeanna_jordan_deveau

While most of us know how important it is to have well written content, not many people know just how to write for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, writing so that Google takes notice! Deanna has been developing content for over 10 years and can help you with tips and tricks for adding valuable content to your website.



Cecilia McKayCecilia McKay: HR Specialist

Business owners that have experience in how to Lead effectively and give great Customer Service are the most successful;  not only their own employees, but their customers as well. A good leader contributes significantly to positive staff retention and excellent customer satisfaction, leading to a stronger business in general.

Come and discuss tips on how to deal with certain situations at work and with customers, as well as gain knowledge on Training Opportunities available to give you a greater edge.


Brenda Kolasa, Visual Resolve Graphics: Visual Branding Identification

Are your promotionals a bit … challenged? Think they need a tweak, but just not sure what? Bring them with you, and Brenda can give some tips and layout advice to help make your materials more competitive, clean and professional.


“As a new business owner I found the mentors to be very informative and forthcoming with information. The setting was conducive to an easy flow for conversation. Our facilitator kept everyone on track and extremely informed as to what our luncheon entailed. I would definitely attend again and recommend this luncheon for any entrepreneur or start up business.”

Tammy Allen – First Impressions Home Staging Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Mentoring Round-Table Luncheon.
The advice, direction and information received from the mentors was invaluable to me, the future success of my business and my personal development.
Job well done!! I look forward to the next one. – 
Thanks Brenda!!”

Toni Scott- Accurate Accounting Solutions Corp.